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With this setup, garments are hung directly on bars. The most common configuration is two tiers of bars, and Pbox offers up to four tiers for GOH Bar containers. The Bar System is more expensive as a strong frame is required to support multiple levels of bars.
For an order, please call us +84 (31) 3741183
Africa desiccants. This product is recommended for all type of products such as electric appliance, food and garment. Please email us at goh@pbox.asia for more information
Similar to the string system, straps are attached to hanger beams, but instead of knots, garments are hung on sewn partitions. Though costlier, straps are lighter and stronger than strings.
This type of GOH configuration uses strings attached to hanger beams at the top of the container. Strings are durable and inexpensive, and clothes are hung on knots tied into the string
Security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate.
Canvas partition prevents your cargo from moving in transit. Stop product falling from open truck doors or containers. Easy to use and install, Re-useable, Cost effective
Metal partition is used to separate the GOH area from carton pack. It prevents carton pack falling into hanging garment in transit time. You also can find out the video of this product at www.pbox.asia
Loading canvas is the best innovation solution for GOH loading process. It is invented by Mr Philip at Pbox Vietnam. Contact us now for a full instruction and see why all customers love this product.
Please find out the video of this product at www.pbox.asia
String specification is made at request. For more information, email us at goh@pbox.asia
Plastic tight is used for tighten clothes on the hanging bar. To do so, it protects garment from falling-off during transit time.
In order to protect garment from elastic string, some customers are also requesting for strap system instead of string. Strap system is so much strong with almost zero stretch
Hanger bar and beam are made at customer's specification. For standard one, please email or contact us at goh@pbox.asia for more information.
For GOH Air Box, we can customize and fabricate at customer's request. In fact, there are several common types of them such as M1, LD3... For more information, please watch the video clip of this product at www.pbox.asia
This product is normally used for SEA-AIR or AIR-SEA combine-transportation. They are fabricated & customized at customer's request. Please email us at goh@pbox.asia for more information.
Desiccants are defined as hydrating agents that attract moisture from the atmosphere. It adsorbs and holds the water to itself. Most porous adsorbents, such as silica gel, activated clay or molecular sieves rely upon physical adsorption to perform their function.
Dry-Bag® protects cargo from moisture damage. This product is highly recommended for garment & agricultural product such as : pepper, rice , coffee and fashion clothes …